Frequently Asked Questions

Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Yes, it is! At GRN ENVY, we sell only non-toxic artificial grass that is completely free from heavy metals, lead, and other toxins. It is perfectly safe for your pets and your kids to roll around on our artificial turf, roughhouse, or even lie down for a nap in the sunshine.

Is Artificial Grass Clean?

Artificial grass is fast-draining, so you can spray it down if it gets dirty (for example, if a pet leaves a smelly mess on it). In fact, compared with natural grass, it is much easier to keep artificial grass clean because you never have mud or dirt coming up from below. Little shoes and paws will never again track mud into your house because no matter how wet it is outside there is no actual soil for them to get into.

Is Artificial Grass Eco-Friendly?

The whole point of artificial grass is that it is eco-friendly. It saves water and keeps you from producing carbon emissions when you mow since it never needs to be mowed. It never has to be fertilized or have pesticides applied, so you are not putting chemicals in California’s waterways. And when it has finished its life (Our artificial grass is warrantied for at least 20 years with a 30-year lifetime expectancy), it is completely recyclable.

Is Artificial Grass Easy To Install?

Artificial grass is not particularly complicated to install. If you can install a carpet in your home, you can install artificial grass in your back yard or front yard. However, if you don’t want to mess with it, you can easily and affordably get artificial grass installed by GRN ENVY or by your choice of professional local contractors near you.

How Much Money Will I Save With Artificial Grass?

Some experts estimate that Californians spend as much as 60% of their water consumption just on their lawns. That means you can cut your water usage by 60% by switching to artificial grass.

Most homeowners find that the water savings pay for the cost of putting in artificial grass within 3 years. This isn’t even counting how much you will save in gas and maintenance on your lawnmower, the possibility of not having to buy a lawnmower at all, and all the time you won’t have to spend watering or mowing.

Is Artificial Grass Affordable?

At GRN ENVY, we make every effort to make our artificial grass affordable for ordinary homeowners. The State of California has also created several financing and rebate programs to help homeowners switch to resources-saving solutions such as artificial grass. Give GRN ENVY a call today for a free consultation and estimate, and we will help you find your best options for being able to afford to switch to artificial turf!

At GRN ENVY, we are focused on providing our customers with products and services that surpass industry (and your expectations) in every way with the highest levels of customer satisfaction we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With the great selection of products we provide for you to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our products and the value they’ll bring to your home.